TOM WOLF, Governor  |  TIM HOLDEN, Chairman  |  JOSEPH E. “SKIP” BRION, Member  |  MICHAEL NEGRA, Member

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

College Professor interacting with her students

A letter from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s (PLCB) website addressing high-risk and underage drinking. The PLCB understands that college and university students face difficult decisions relating to alcohol. The PLCB also understands that high-risk drinking at our colleges and universities is a problem that extends beyond the campus grounds and into the local community. To help address this issue and its reverberating effects, the PLCB offers you this website as a comprehensive resource. The goal of this site is to provide current best-practices and cutting-edge information to all stakeholders who are engaged in the prevention of and are impacted by high-risk and underage drinking. We invite you to visit this site often and register to receive e-mails to keep you informed about updates to the site. We also invite you to share your feedback on how this site might be improved and ask that you send your comments to Thank you for joining us in this endeavor to protect our young adults, address this critical issue, and seek prevention solutions to the high-risk and underage drinking problem.

Tim Holden
Joseph E. Brion
Michael Negra

For more information about PLCB activities, contact the Bureau of Alcohol Education at 717-772-1432 or at or use the toll free number 1-800-453-PLCB (7522).

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