PLCB Licensee Search System

PLCB License Search System
  JERRY W. WATERS SR., Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs


Restrictions on Information Provided

        Please be advised that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has provided the enclosed list of Board licensees expressly for informational usage only. Due to the time sensitive nature involved in compiling the enclosed data the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the provided information; nor does it assume any legal liability or responsibility in furnishing same. Use of the provided information for any commercial purpose or profit, including but not limited to advertisement, product endorsement, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board retains all rights to the information provided, including but not limited to the right of distribution.

        Additionally, be aware that all information concerning the citation history of a license is provided by the Office of the Administrative Law Judge. Any questions regarding the citation information should be directed to the Office of the Administrative Law Judge at 717-540-5040.

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