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The PLCB invites you to learn more about its programs. If you would like to order materials, fill out the online form and indicate the quantity desired in the appropriate box. Please feel free to contact us at the above address and phone number if you have any questions or need further assistance. These educational materials are supplied FREE to individuals and organizations to provide information about the effects of alcohol and the laws governing its use in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

These FREE materials are also shipped at NO COST to you by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. We reserve the right to limit quantities on orders.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the processing and shipment of your materials.

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Alcohol Abuse
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0207 Item PDF
Goodnight or Goodbye? Know the Facts about Alcohol Poisoning (Pocket Card) LCB-207
0342 Item PDF
AA Information Card (Information to help someone assist him/herself or a friend assess their personal consumption of alcohol) LCB-342
0522 Item PDF
Medical Amnesty (Pocket Card) LCB-522
2143 Item PDF
Goodnight or Goodbye? Know the Facts about Alcohol Poisoning (11" x 14" poster) LCB-2143
QTY Item
3450 Item PDF
You Can Have Fun Everyday (2013 SPCS Coloring sheet) LCB-450 (Maximum Limit 25)
3451 Item PDF
Experience True Fun (2013 SPCS Coloring sheet) LCB-451 (Maximum Limit 25)
3512 Item PDF
You Can Have Fun Without Alcohol (17" X 11" Placemat) LCB-512 (Maximum Limit 100)
3516 Item PDF
Be Cool, Think before you drink! (2014 SPCS coloring sheet) LCB-516 (Maximum Limit 25)
3517 Item PDF
Curl Up With A Book (2014 SPCS coloring sheet) LCB-517 (Maximum Limit 25)
3561 Item PDF
Don't Let Alcohol Get in the Way of your Goal (2015 SPCS coloring sheet) LCB-561 (Maximum Limit 25)
3562 Item PDF
You can Pitch the Perfect Game (2015 SPCS coloring sheet) LCB-562 (Maximum Limit 25)
3573 Item PDF
Underage Drinking Can Lead To Extinction (2016 SPCS 11" X 8 1/2" coloring sheet) LCB-573 (Maximum Limit 25)
3574 Item PDF
Let go of Underage Drinking (2016 SPCS 8 1/2" x 11" coloring sheet)(Maximum Limit 25)LCB-574
R.A.M.P. for Licensees/Bar Owners
QTY Item
4027 Item PDF
Incident Documentation Form.(8 1/2" X 11" Pad, 25 Sheets Per Pad) For use by Bar owners ONLY. PLCB-2027
4043 Item PDF
Notice. Acceptable ID's. (11" x 14" Poster) For licensed establishments. PLCB-2043
4091 Item PDF
Alcohol Server Responsibility. (Pamphlet) For bar owners. LCB-91
4093 Item PDF
House Policies. (Pamphlet) For bar owners. LCB-93
4094 Item PDF
Licensees, Minors & the Law. (Pamphlet) For bar owners. LCB-94
4095 Item PDF
Fake ID. (Pamphlet) For bar owners. LCB-95
4113 Item PDF
Responsible Alcohol Management Program - overview of RAMP Program for Licensees/Bar owners. (pamphlet) LCB-113
4119 Item PDF
The Law requires that you must be 21 - Declaration of Age Card. (11" x 14" poster) For Licensed Establishments PLCB-2119
4122 Item PDF
RAMP - Visibly intoxicated/Don't Drink & Drive - Choose a Designated Driver. (tabletent)LCB-122
4139 Item PDF
Attention VIP's (11" x 14" Poster) PLCB-2139
4228 Item PDF
Special Occasion Permit Holder's Planning Handbook (booklet) LCB-228
4231 Item PDF
ID That's Fake is a Big Mistake (10" x 14" poster) For licensed establishments. PLCB-2231
4232 Item PDF
If You've Had Too Much To Drink - No (10" x 14" poster) For licensed establishments. PLCB-2232
4233 Item PDF
If We Can See You've Had Too Much To Drink (11" x 14" poster) For Licensed Establishments. PLCB-2233
4234 Item PDF
If You're Under 21, We'd Like To Have A Word With You. NO.(10" x 14" poster) For licensed establishments. PLCB-2234
4250 Item PDF
RAMP New Employee Orientation Quick Reference Check (card) For licensed establishments. LCB-250
4325 Item PDF
RAMP Staff Roster to keep track of alcohol servers (form) For use by Licensees/RAMP representatives at certified establishments ONLY) PLCB-2325 (Maximum Limit 25
4349 Item PDF
RAMP Proper Supervision (tabletent)For licensed establishments. LCB-349
4354 Item PDF
Birth Date Poster 2016 to be used for age verification (11"x14") For licensed establishments LCB-2354
4364 Item PDF
RAMP If You're Over 21 (table tent) For licensed establishments. LCB-364
4365 Item PDF
RAMP - Too Much to Drink (table tent) LCB-365
4428 Item PDF
New Employee Licensee Orientation to use as new employee checklist of laws/rules. (form) For licensed establishments. PLCB-2228
4513 Item PDF
F.E.A.R. Method of Carding (10" X 14" Poster) LCB-513
4566 Item PDF
Please take notice: VIP's (11" x 14" Poster) LCB-566
4931 Item PDF
Declaration of Age Card (English/Spanish) (card/form) For use by licensed establishments. LCB-931
6238 Item PDF
Un Identificacion Falsa Es un Error (ID That's Fake in Spanish) (11" x 14" poster) For use in licensed establishments. PLCB-2238
6239 Item PDF
Si Usted Ha Bebido Demasiado (If You've Had Too Much To Drink in Spanish) (11" x 14" poster) For use in licensed establishments. PLCB-2239
Law Enforcement
QTY Item
0163 Item PDF
PA State Police/Report Liquor Law Violations. (pocket card) LCB-163
QTY Item
0137 Item PDF
Drinking, Boating & the Law (Pamphlet) LCB-137
2050 Item PDF
Stay Afloat Don't Drink & Boat (11" x 14" poster) PLCB-2050
2332 Item PDF
Recreational Vehicle - Don't Ride Under the Influence (14" x 11" poster) PLCB-2332
QTY Item
0162 Item PDF
A Guide For Parents of First-Year College Students (Pamphlet) LCB-162
0307 Item PDF
Your Degree Doesn't Matter (Pamphlet) LCB-307
Alcohol - General
QTY Item
0079 Item PDF
Alcohol Impairment Chart (BAC pocket card)(21 Years & Older Only) LCB-79
0227 Item PDF
Over 21/It's Your Call (pamphlet) LCB-227
0378 Item PDF
Responsible Hosting pamphlet for safely serving alcohol at social gatherings (pamphlet) LCB-378
0429 Item PDF
What's In Your Drink? (Information Card) PLCB-2429
Prevention of DUI
QTY Item
0005 Item PDF
Be a HERO Be a Designated Driver Sticker (Maximum Limit 1)
0006 Item PDF
Be a HERO Be a Designated Driver Poster (Maximum Limit 2)
0140 Item PDF
DUI Arrest in Pennsylvania (pamphlet) LCB-140
1999 Item PDF
Don't Booze & Cruise (11" X 14" poster) PLCB-1999
6151 Item PDF
!NO Bebas y MANEJES, NI Aompanes A Cualquiera Que Lo Haga! (Don't Booze and Cruise in Spanish) (11" x 14" poster) LCB-2151
Prevention of Underage Drinking
QTY Item
0086 Item PDF
The Truth About Alcohol - middle school age appropriate(pamphlet) LCB-86
0109 Item PDF
The Responsible Parent - Talking To Your Teens About Alcohol & The Law (pamphlet) LCB-109
0164 Item PDF
Straight Talk for Teens about Alcohol - high school age appropriate (pamphlet) LCB-164
0202 Item PDF
Under 21 Zero Tolerance (pamphlet) LCB-202
0211 Item PDF
The Responsible Parent - Talking To Your Kids About Alcohol (pamphlet) LCB-211
0231 Item PDF
Sober is Smart Stickers. (2" round stickers)
0239 Item PDF
Having A Party? To Do List (door hanger) LCB-239
0350 Item PDF
Under 21 in Pennsylvania...Know the Laws! (pamphlet) LCB-350
0586 Item PDF
ID That's Fake card
2169 Item PDF
If you are under 21 and try to buy alcohol, we'll do worse than tell your MOM (handcuffs pictured) (10" x 14" poster) PLCB-2169
3506 Item PDF
Start Talking (8" X 9 3/4" pizza slice) LCB-506 (Maximum Limit 25)
3509 Item PDF
Just Sayin'...Is Alcohol-Free! (17" X 11" Sheet) LCB-509 (Maximum Limit 25)
3520 Item PDF
IDD - I Don't Drink (Sticker) LCB-520 (Maximum limit 20)
3525 Item PDF
KEEP TALKING Have a movie night and continue the conversation (Information Card) LCB-525 (Maximum 25)
3548 Item PDF
6295 Item PDF
Menor De 21 Anos Cero Tolerancia (Under 21 Zero Tolerance in Spanish) (pamphlet) LCB-295
Health Related Topics
QTY Item
0107 Item PDF
Non Alcoholic Recipes For Cold Weather (3 Recipe Cards) LCB-107
Poster Contest Posters and Bookmarks
QTY Item
2395 Item PDF
Just Dance (2010-11 SPCS 11" X 14" poster) PLCB-2395
2396 Item PDF
Alcohol Will Never Stop Me (2010-11 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) PLCB-2396
2409 Item PDF
Don't Choose This Bottle (2011 SPSC 14" X 11" poster)LCB-409
2410 Item PDF
Don't Waste Time Getting Wasted (2011 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) LCB-410
2411 Item PDF
Take the Reins (2011 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) LCB-411
2518 Item PDF
MARCH AWAY BE ALCOHOL FREE (2014 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) LCB-518
2519 Item PDF
STOMP Teen Drinking and "Open" Opportunities (2014 SPCS 11" X 14" poster) LCB-519
2556 Item PDF
All Over PA, Join US map (2015 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) LCB-556
2558 Item PDF
Don't Give A "HOOT"/ART OVER ALCOHOL (2015 SPCS bookmark) LCB-558
2559 Item PDF
Focus Your Brain (2015 SPCS bookmark) LCB-559
2560 Item PDF
Don't Let Alcohol Keep You From Playing the Game (2015 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) LCB-560
2571 Item PDF
I'm Not Lion/Knock Alcohol OUT! (2016 SPCS bookmark) LCB-571
2572 Item PDF
Thousand Lives By Reading Books/Skate along the right path (2016 SPCS bookmark) LCB-572
2575 Item PDF
You're Only a Kid Once (2016 SPCS 14" x 11" poster) LCB-575
2576 Item PDF
This is How I Get Buzzed (2016 SPCS 11" x 14" poster) LCB-576
6259 Item PDF
Dile No Al Alcohol. Si tu No Tomas eres una Bella flor. ( 2003 SPCS 11" x 14" Spanish poster) PLCB-2259
* Available By PDF Only
QTY Item
0348 Item PDF
College Drinking - How Faculty Can Change the Culture (Pamphlet) LCB-348
2172 Item PDF
Underage drinking destroys Pieces of Your Life (Puzzle Boy) (1997 SPCS 11" x 14" poster)PLCB-2172
2251 Item PDF
Monkey See. Monkey Do. Don't Encourage Underage Drinking. (2002 SPCS 11"x 14" poster)PLCB-2251
2253 Item PDF
Sober, A Better Way To Rock" (2002 SPCS 14"x 11" poster)PLCB-2253
2262 Item PDF
To Stay on Your Toes, Stay Away From Alcohol (2001 SPCS 14" x 11" poster) PLCB-2262
2280 Item PDF
Be Extreme Without Alcohol (2005 SPCS 14" X 11" poster)PLCB-2280
2300 Item PDF
Drink Milk, Not Alcohol (2002 SPCS Bookmark) Frequently Asked Questions about alcohol on back. LCB-300
2344 Item PDF
Keep Your Future in Focus. Avoid Underage Drinking (2006 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) LCB-344
2370 Item PDF
Don't Buy a Case...Win a Race (2007 SPCS Bookmark) Non-alcoholic recipes on back. LCB-370
2373 Item PDF
It Just Doesn't Fit (2007 SPCS bookmark) Positive attributes on back LCB-373
2375 Item PDF
Hang Together, Avoid Alcohol (2007 SPCS Bookmark) Non-Alcoholic Recipes on back LCB-375
2382 Item PDF
Leave Underage Drinking Back in the Powder and Carve Yourself a Good Future! (2008 SPCS 14" X 11" poster) LCB-382
2388 Item PDF
Get Lost in a Book...(2008 SPCS Bookmark) Ruler on the back. LCB-388
2392 Item PDF
Connect With Your Community (2009-10 SPCS Bookmark) LCB-392
2399 Item PDF
Don't Get Caught (2010-11 SPCS Bookmark) LCB-399
2407 Item PDF
Alcohol Free World (2011 SPCS Bookmark) Back of bookmark has a ruler. LCB-407
2408 Item PDF
Burst Your Bubble (2011 SPCS Bookmark) Back of bookmark lists risks of underage drinking. LCB-408
2442 Item PDF
You Don't Need Alcohol to Rock Out (2013 SPCS 11" X 14" poster) LCB-442
2443 Item PDF
BE A-MAZE-ING (2013 SPCS Bookmark) LCB-443
2452 Item PDF
It's Your Call (2013 SPCS Bookmark) LCB-452
2514 Item PDF
You're BEAUTIFUL the way you are!(2014 SPCS bookmark) LCB-514
2515 Item PDF
Stop Think. Don't Drink! (2014 SPCS bookmark) LCB-515
3380 Item PDF
Show Your True Colors Without Alcohol(2009-10 SPCS Coloring Sheet) PLCB-2380
3381 Item PDF
Bright Future Caterpillar (2009-10 SPCS Coloring Sheet)PLCB-2381
3382 Item PDF
Life is Full of Choices (2009-10 SPCS Coloring Sheet)PLCB-2382
3385 Item PDF
Hikers Like Me Stick to Healthy Trails (2008 SPCS Coloring Sheet) LCB-385
3386 Item PDF
Life Is More Beautiful Without Alcohol (2008 SPCS Coloring Sheet) LCB-386
3387 Item PDF
Take A Bite Out of Life! (2008 SPCS Coloring Sheet) LCB-387
3396 Item PDF
Always in Fashion (2010-11 SPCS Coloring Sheet) LCB-396
3398 Item PDF
Alcohol-Don't Fall (2010-11 SPCS Coloring Sheet) LCB-398
3413 Item PDF
There's No "U" In Alcohol (2011 SPCS Coloring Sheet)LCB-413
3565 Item PDF
Don't Stop Talking - hot dog on a bun (Information Card) LCB-565
5391 Item PDF
Rural Communities Initiative Booklet-Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (Resource for programs & ideas)
8880 Item PDF
Do You Feel Targeted? If you Supply Alcohol to Minors ...You're in our Sights! (10" x 14" poster) PLCB-2360

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