Can I transport liquor across state lines if the transporting of this liquor is purely for consumption purposes? For example, if I purchase a case of wine in Virginia can I take it to my parents home in Pennsylvania for the purposes of consuming it either during a party or holiday? Would the same answer apply if the wine were to be consumed at a private club?


Initially, please be advised that it is the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement ("Bureau"), and not the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board ("Board"), which enforces the liquor laws in Pennsylvania. This office is authorized to issue opinions to Board licensees that are binding on the Bureau. Since you are not a Board licensee, the following is offered for your guidance and information only. Generally, section 491(11) of the Liquor Code prohibits any person, other than the Board, a manufacturer, the holder of a sacramental wine license or importer's license, from bringing liquor, including wine, into Pennsylvania. [47 P.S. § 4-491(11)]. Similarly, section 491(2) prohibits any entity, other than those listed above, from possessing or transporting any liquor or alcohol within the Commonwealth that was not purchased from a Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits Shoppe or limited winery. [47 P.S. § 4-491(2)]. Unless you hold one of the licenses stated herein, you cannot bring liquor from another state into Pennsylvania. The purpose for which the wine is to be brought into Pennsylvania or the location in Pennsylvania where it would be consumed are immaterial. If you will be visiting relatives or attending a function in Pennsylvania you may be able to “special order” the wines that you wish to acquire. Please contact the Bureau of Logistics, at (717) 787-6646 for further information on special orders.